Sunday, 17 June 2012

Anthony Jones: Working on "Hood"

So I worked on this project for a writer called Anthony Jones who needed some reference images for his new upcoming graphic novel, "Hood"...

... you can read his hilarious blog here at which is essentially a web of darkly humoured comments on his work and upcoming projects.

For an example, his 'About' page alone is more than ample to give you a taster...

So Ant sent me a breakdown of a series of scenes that he needed images of and a summary of each of his characters. Shortly after, I also received a 'call sheet' from our 'shoot co-ordinator', one very familiar, Kiera Gould and then, a few months later, in June, we herded a group of willing 'spares' to a park dressed in an assortment of hoodies and suits.

This is what happened next...

Priorities were getting some harsh natural lighting...

 Some bitchin' angles...

... and some other activity references...

NB: I've put one of these funny Photoshop default effects on them seen as these edits aren't really required of me per se to save me having to muck around with them too much (genius, I know).

 So without ruining anything because naturally, you will all read it when it's 'out', the images above are from the introduction and start off the story of 'Hood', the badass motherlover, Prince of Bleeds.

 The rest of these images, I'm not going to tell you much about plot-wise... but I hope you enjoy them all the same!

 We had serious pose-offs:

<- Serial Poser.

"Come at me, Bro!"

'Mr September'

We had cunning stunts and sweet jumps:

 Significantly funnier if you know how this one was shot...:

... XD Gets me every time...


Eek. Unfortunate, Bill.

We had girls being shot:

 ... a fantasy for many (married) men.

Some l337 angles:


... taken from such places as this:

(check out my Gollum)

"The rock and pool... is nice and cool... so juicy sweeeeeeeeeeet!
Our only wish... to catch a fish... so juicy sweeeeeeeeeeet!"

Some real life injuries:

N'aww, did Ant get a boo-boo?

There, there... 

Kiera will... prod at it...


We had some dramatic and tense moments:

Plenty of fighting:

^ The gingers beating on an unconscious 'Hood'...

And... when they thought no-one was looking, we had Matt and Bill doing some dancing:

  Matt the pirouette, we call him...

...Or Swan Lake Evans...

Night fever, night fevaaaaaahr....

 Boogie nights... 

Bill there dancing like a Dad at a wedding... ^

Well... finishing on that note, read on for the necessary shout-outs!

Special thanks to:

Adam Gould
Andrew Cunningham
Anthony Jones
Bill Thomas
Ceri Williams
Fran Green
Gabriella Howson
Kiera Gould
Martin Hulley
Matt Evans
Matt Strange
Robin Gould

Yvonne Cunningham