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Hi all,

As you may or may not know, I have pretty long, thick hair and it’s certainly more than I know what to do with. It gets in the way, takes ages to dry and I’m constantly trapping it under myself, in the car door and in the fridge. Not to mention that the cat randomly attacks me, claws-out, with no prior warning!

I am currently collecting sponsors for having a minimum of 21” inches of my hair cut off this year for the purpose of making real-hair wigs for children who are unfortunate enough to lose their hair during cancer treatments.

Children can be very distressed when their hair falls out due to chemotherapy or alopecia, especially for young girls.

The minimum length required for a real-hair wig is 7”. This is why I am going to be having my hair cut off at the very end of June in the hope of having grown the hair even longer by the time it comes to the final chop! I am looking to have grown 21” or more of additional hair as I would like to donate as much as possible in the hope of making up a whole wig as it often takes up to 5 donations to make each single one!

If you would kindly put as much as you can spare into sponsoring me for this, any cash donations from you will be sent straight to the Little Princess Trust who are a small charity based in Hereford and 100% of donations go to supplying and fully funding the best wigs available from all over the world, especially designed for children.  They also provide personal fitting and styling to ensure the wig looks realistic and is as close as possible to the original hair. It costs the Little Princess Trust a whopping £400 to have a real-hair wig made, styled and fitted and so every single donation counts.

If you are also considering donating your own hair to this wonderful cause or would just like some more information, please take the time to look at the charity’s page:

Thanks very much for your time and for any donations. It is greatly appreciated.

Chloe Isherwood

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