Thursday, 26 February 2015

Excuses, excuses.

If I don't post something on here now, I've officially gone a year without publishing a blog post so...

Over the past year my Matt and I have been trying to buy a house - which has meant trawling the universe squeezing into every "cosy", "characterful" and "humble" little hole that is up for sale.

Well - I don't want to tempt fate after 10 months solid of house-searching, being gazumped and having sellers changing their mind on their agreements... but we appear to be maybe, possibly nearly a bit approaching some good news... (I'll leave it nice and vague like that...)

So - once we're settled into our new place - whenever that might be - I hope to be excitedly executing ALL THE IDEAS that have been accumulating in my rather cramped head-space over the past 2+ years.

In the meantime, I have 8 draft posts to share still from 2013-2014 which are all almost finished and about 6 more to write up from the rest of 2014. I just haven't gotten around to getting them up on here yet. 
There are SavageMedia and Flashcards productions, beautiful pole-dancers, a charity shoot and some of my own questionable experiments.

A very short post with a why-for. That is all I can give you for now.