Sunday, 18 September 2011

Ceri Williams: Foxcub or Vixen?

Here she comes again.

Ceri Williams. Saturday 17th September.

Unfortunately, we had no Rachel today. She must have other friends or something... (boo, hiss).

Ceri arrived at 10am with her newly orange-red hair. We took a couple of shots, and then she went for her hairdressers appointment.

We wanted to get a variety of looks. To start off with we went for:

Something simple.

Something alternative.

Something edgy.

Something cute.

Something happy.

... and something relatable. :D

And then we broke out the hairdye for a change of feel. This time, a darker red.

It looked hot.

So we spiced it up a bit.

Oh yeaaah!

I ♥ these.

Especially that one ->

Anyway, the hair, I think, kicked it up a notch. We pretty much built a whole portfolio. We had:


Strong yet feminine:



Elegant (another favourite):


And hatful:

We had a great day all 'round. We had £30 worth of Domino's pizza, a wonderful cup of tea courtesy of Robin Gould, fight co-ordinator extraordinnaire and live music from the musical prodigy himself, Matt Evans.

Like this? Look out for our next shoot on the 1st October. Where The Nicholson will be present once again saving me the hassle of attempting make-up. Urgh.

Actually, speaking of Nicholson, if you find yourself at all fond of the artistic touch she has brought to the shoot table, please spare the time to visit her recently-created Facebook page and 'like' to show your support. Thanks.

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  1. Loving all this! You are working so hard and the success shows in the quality!