Saturday, 15 October 2011

Marlyn Woodend: The Natural

I worked with Marlyn Woodend a while back (you may remember from the 'Pure Curvation' day) and we decided to work together again shortly after.

Marlyn is an amazing model. She's fairly new to it all still but she's already done so very much. She's been shooting all over and been catwalking on some amazing fashion shows.

The girl is a natural. And she's incredibly determined. I'll be surprised if she's not published in some high class fashion magazines before long.

So here was our shoot from Saturday 8th October:

Started off with this beautifully fitted jumper dress and some soft and subtle light.

This next picture, I have to admit, I love. One of my favourites from this shoot. Using just one raised softbox:

The same lighting again. We both liked this one.

This one shows off Marlyn's height. She's a bit tall (5'9). :D  
Bit of a leggy beast.

 Always important to a model's portfolio, showing off your Docs. ;D

A nice innocent image of Marlyn in pigtails. Aww. Her Nan'd love it.

Because you can never have too many ribbons?:

I was fed up of her staring ;)

Love this outfit. Strong fashion image (as if she didn't have enough of those):

At this particular moment in time, this is my favourite image from the shoot.
'The One'

This one was done on the white balance setting for working under a Tungsten, believe it or not. I love the effect this has.

(I wouldn't even know what I could do with my white balance if it wasn't for a certain
A good friend of mine who is rather partial to a bit of the ol' motor photography.)

And then of course, we got this sexy little image of Marlyn's inner bad girl ;)

Love it.

 Marlyn has recently signed up with Pure Curvation Model Management and I would definitely recommend her. She really is fantastic and you'd get incredible shots from this girl.

She's a fun, friendly and extremely talented young lady.

Keep your eyes peeled for more.

And you'd best 'like' her new Facebook page or there'll be trouble!

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  1. You captured yet another side to the lovely Marlyn..... Beautiful series!