Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Fitness Hangout: The Art of Poledancing

Often, I have a little idea of something that I want to try out.

For a while, I had a lighting project/setup that I wanted to have a go at... initially just vaguely with a dancer of some kind...

In the meantime, an old friend of mine, Gem Ward, took up pole-dancing.

I saw many Facebook updates over the course of about a year of her doing these frankly amazing feats with her body and eventually I asked her if I could come and take a few pictures of her and a few of the girls in her class.

She put me in touch with Jo Dandridge, the manager and tutor at The Fitness Hangout, and we got talking.

In short, I ended up on 14th Feb arriving at their wonderful studio in Godalming with all my gear with 4 beautiful - and very strong and flexible ladies!
(As you can imagine, I had many volunteers for shoot hands!)

Gem, Jo, Karla and Jen got into their leggings and tops and Jo began warming up on the pole whilst I set up.

What happened next was about 2 hours of beautiful dancing. Observe.




... and Gem

All these great shapes that the ladies are throwing have some great names but I'm afraid I can't tell you at all what they are!!!
... more to come soon on hoop and anti-gravity yoga.

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