Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Alice Cushnan: The Blossom

A lovely man, by the name of John Summers, contacted me recently about his niece. He told me that his niece Alice, was definitely model material, etc, etc, but doesn't everyone think that their sister/daughter/niece/cousin is model material? Probably.

John, was right though.

Alice (John's niece, keep up) messaged me via Facebook after I said to John that if she was interested in giving it a try, she could contact me. I took one look at her face and thought 'yes'.

It soon occurred to me though that Alice actually lives in Gloucester, which is not exactly around the corner but then again she is also very pretty. So, here's what I did:

I invited my good friend, Rachel Nicholson (note: ever-fabulous makeup artist... I think you see where this is going...) and her partner Simon out to Gloucester for the day with Martin and I. The plan being, Rachel and I work with Alice for the first part of the day whilst the boys entertain themselves, and then we all meet up for dinner. Yum yum. They were up for it. I win.

Of course, by this point, Martin has already followed any mention of Alice by singing "Alice? Alice? Who the..." you know the song. I am still suffering from this fatal mistake 3 weeks later. Seriously, it's just not that funny anymore.

So ANYWAY we pick up Alice (Hello Alice) and head to the Rococo Gardens which are beautiful but you have to pay to get in. Oops. Missed that memo. Rather heroically, Martin paid for everyone's entry. Thanks Martin!!!.

Now, Martin and Simon wandered off and entertained themselves somehow. Wandering around and making fun of something, no doubt. Meanwhile, Rachel got started on the make-up.

By the time we got shooting, Alice's nerves had kicked in. Happens all the time but it did mean that she couldn't loosen up to begin with. Regardless, Alice happens to be incredibly photogenic. Here's one of our first shots:

Lovely black and white headshot. Nice and easy. No pressure. Didn't even had to look at me. :D

Throughout the morning, however, Alice slowly got more and more comfortable and I think it showed. We went from some fairly awkward shots to some more relaxed poses like these:

(This was only about 15 mins into the shoot too)

(Surely you've seen Snow White? You never choose the red one, Alice!)

Even caught a couple of smiles :D


Then, we dropped Alice back home (after inviting her out to dinner, of course) and then Rachel, Simon, Martin and I all went to a lovely pub for a roast dinner. And pudding. Yum yum. But that's not why you're still reading, is it... ? 

You want to hear (read) more about the model. *sigh*

Alice and I are hopefully working together again later this year (nothing yet officially arranged) in studio.

So watch this space for a bit more from Alice!

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