Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Victorian Wh*re Dogs: Yes, Really.

They're a band. Victorian Wh*re Dogs. My apologies for the language.

A heavy rock band that actually, I would heartily recommend. Even for those who aren't a huge fan of screaming lyrics, I think the melodies and such would still win you over all the same. Plus, I think Barney could convince you that you in fact do like screaming vocals actually.

The 'team' consists of:
Steve More - Drums

Andy Nuttall - Bass

Steve Emerson - Guitar

Adam Crawley - Guitar

Barnaby Whattingham - Vox/Samples

The shooting all started one, indifferent Thursday evening in Guildford. We met there at The Star and then headed out around the town (technically speaking, for my first band shoot) to get some images in the bag.

Now then. I think it's safe to say that these guys are a bit... quirky? Luckily, we were accompanied by Lil' (Steve M's significant other) who was there, probably, to keep tabs on the behaviour. :D

We were all over the place!

The Multistory:

The High Street:

The Cellar Wine Bar:

The Laundrette:

The phonebox, the alleyway, the ruins, the church...You get the picture(s)...

And then, upon editing, we identified that still hadn't found 'the one'. Though these were 'OK'. Hmm. So then, plans were made for Sunday.

We were all set to go to Brookwood Cemetery to get a load of variety as there are plenty of non-death-related parts of the site that we could use. Lil had brought backup for the boy control. Amy (Andy's woman). It was going to be epic I bet. Unfortunately, on arrival, some mardy cow yelled over to us demanding to know the purpose of our visit and upon receiving the requested information preceded to inform us that no photography was allowed on site. Fair enough. Our (my) mistake. Didn't see the sign. Apologised and informed her that we would leave in this case but did that stop her? No it did not. She went on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.

So we eventually just left. As we had said we would. Sheesh. Calm down, lady.

So we headed to The Look Out in Bracknell. Had a go at something I had thought would look cool. I was wrong, it looked crap. Unfortunately, we had a time limit but we still did get a couple of good shots here.

Still didn't get 'the one' though. Boo. :( Stupid cemetery lady...

The following Tuesday, I was invited to band practise. No Lil. No Amy. Left on my own with the guys. Panic.

Ha ha but it was OK. Had a lot of fun and got to hear the guys in action! Got all the first 5 images there and a load more I was pretty chuffed with. Played around with the shutter speed. That was fun. And generally was on the floor contorting myself around equipment and trying not to get thumped in the face by flailing guitar heads and see-sawing cymbals!

T-Shirts and CDs available here!

Meeting up again soon to try and get this band shot that we've been trying to get. Have some ideas. Watch this space...

And while you're waiting, perhaps attend a gig or two!

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