Thursday, 24 November 2011

Zachary Street: Featuring Emma Bugg

I met Zach at a Savage Media production (Butcher’s Blossom) in 2009. I was helping out in wardrobe at the time. In the last year, we’ve come across each other a few more times on various sets and at the last one, he mentioned a potential modelling portfolio being put together.

A few weeks later, he messaged me about this modelling portfolio and we decided to get together in November to get it started.

Important note: I met Zach’s girlfriend, Emma Bugg at the last film he was working on. She is also of the acting persuasion and is, frankly, stunningly beautiful. So I told Zach to bring her along to spice his portfolio up a bit with a girl here and there. :D

So Zach and Emma came down to Basingstoke on the train on the Sunday morning and theybrought so many clothes. Well, Zach has brought so many clothes. Approximately one million suits, maybe two. How many waistcoats does this boy own? I think we will never know. Also, major hat fanatic. So many hats.

We started off nice and easy. Black Emporio Armani shirt on white, with two soft-boxes. Came out all nice. He’s a natural. You can tell he practises his model-face in the mirror. :D


Emma meanwhile, was set up on the sofa with her coursework, reading up on some stuff. Well, I couldn’t have that. That is way too much good behaviour!? So I interrupted her (of course) and got her into the dresses she had brought with her. Which were awesome.

We went with Emma in black first with Zach in his grey suit. Whit whoo. Don’t they look gorgeous, dahling?

And don't you just love that hair colour!?

And then Zach looking all handsome in black and Emma looking beautiful with her cream dress complete with massive vintage bow. We were fans of the bow.

Yay bow!

OK, so next we did a more rock scene look. Dressed them all in jangly chain-like accessories and dog tags and the like and then, we took it outside. My first experience with using studio lights outside (Squee! How exciting!) And here’s what we came up with this one:

I love this one SO much.

And this one's not bad either.

We also took a couple of these inside and played around with those ol’ gel filters again.

I started off with red…

… which came out pink:

Best image from that set. XD

So then we went blue instead (the old favourite). Nice and moody.

A nice bit of contrast between the orange-red hair and Zach's blue cheek!

Right then. Well, it was going to happen eventually. Next, Zach took all his clothes off.

We (I mean to say, Zach and a very keen Emma) oiled him up a treat with an oil based moisturiser. And then I (and I do mean I, this time) sprayed him all over with water.

Pa-choo! Pa-choo! Got you.

This is what happens next:

Note how his ‘model-face’ has become much more intense now he’s finally got  to take his clothes off...


Such an intense look, Mr Street!
(My favourite. Look at that lighting! Phwoar!)

... And there's that old Tungsten setting again. :D

Needless to say, this was a wicked shoot and I had a great time with Zach and Emma.

Sorry Ladies, this one belongs to Miss Bugg and I can't see that changing as they're quite possibly the most loved up couple in the world but expect to see more from Zach again early next year!


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