Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Kiera Gould: Less Angus, More Kiera

Ok, so following on from my previous post...

Kiera (killing soon in a town near you) came for a longer studio shoot on Saturday 22nd October.

We'd planned to work with each other again once I had obtained my own studio kit, which of course I have.

Kiera turned up with lots of bits and bobs to use, such as some really nice maroon velvet drapes, peacock feathers, most cleverly obtained for a shocking price of 15 'bob' by Bill (Billiam) Thomas.

We started out soft and simple and got a range of beautiful, yet natural, Kieraful headshots such as this:

And this (Ooh! Peacock Feathers!? Thanks Bill!):

And these!:

These last two achieved using a very bright but softened backlight, and a soft main light.

Next up we went for a rocky look. Kiera donned some very pink eyeshadow and we accessorised the bejesus out of her using all the chains, gloves, netted clothing and cuffs, etc, that I could find in the time it took her to get made up. Kiera's hair was sprayed forward into a stylish, yet relaxed quiff and off we went.

I like this one. It's not a typical composition but I like it anyway. So 'ner, ner'. :p

I am aware that these two are incredibly similar but I am yet to decide on my favourite of the two...

... I think it's that right one.


Anyway, moving on. Next we stuck up a maroon velvet backdrop (as provided by Kiera) and got into a classy ladylike outfit. The top being a really lovely pink corset top that I had failed to take a good picture of when I was first starting out in my very early photography testing days. Every picture blurry, damn it! But I have since learned a lot about shutter speed. *pat pat* Well done Chloe.

Besides, I got another go at it. :D

Right, next I wanted to have a go with a blue gel filter. Kiera changed into a pair of teeny tiny shorts and wrapped her front with a teeny tiny piece of grey fabric.

So Robin, you'll be pleased to know, your sister was not completely naked. Sorry to everyone else for that information. I did try really hard.

I struggled around a bit with this next one having never used a gel filter before. I seemed to think when setting this up that I wanted the blue light to hit Kiera's face. Whilst I fumbled around with this for a bit trying it at different angles, and with the other light on and off, and facing the other light away but pinging it back with a reflector, and facing the same way as the filtered light, etc etc (seriously, everything but!) I eventually brought the blue light up from the back and had the main light hitting Kiera from the front.

And it looked SO much better and less like I'd turned Kiera into a Smurf.

Tempted to Photoshop Kiera as a smurf anyway for comic effect... hmm... I'd probably die horribly. Will try that on a less deadly subject some other time. *notes down*

Right then. Last set. I loved it.

Like with Marlyn's corsetted shoot, I switched to the Tungsten setting for my white balance and we just got so many awesome shots!

So, lucky you! You get to look at a few of these. :D

That cheekbone is a killer. :o


This outfit in fact was so awesome, I wore it that night to Martin's halloween work do'. I hitched the front of the skirt right up and put on some fishnet stockings & suspenders, some fake blood and pasty white make-up and went as a bride of Count Dracula. One! Two! Ah ah ahhh!!!

Speaking of which, I 'forgot' to give that outfit back...

Moving swiftly on... Kiera's coming for some extreme beauty shots* next time, possibly in January? So watch this space.

* Extreme beauty shots are unfortunately not beauty shots taken whilst doing something extreme, such as bungee jumping, hang-gliding, parachuting, etc but it's certainly worth thinking about and Kiera's certainly the girl for the job...


  1. Fssblmmtth. LOVE the colours in these.

    The backdrop works so well - so simple but such a striking effect! Use of blue gels is incredible - you should definitely work with colours like these more often, they're so eye-catching!

    What a stunner. Real nice work, both of you. :D

  2. I really like your work Chloe.
    I love the effect that you have achieved with the blue gel :-)
    and yes, great cheekbone...