Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Here Come The Goulds! (hide)

On the 18th December I had the terror pleasure of having all the Gould children (+1 honorary Gould child) over at the same time for a Christmas family shoot as a gift for their daddy, Ronald.

As you can probably imagine, if you have also been fortunate enough to meet them, they were fighting, bouncing off the walls, eating and swinging from the light fixtures.

We had Chinese food from the local take-away to fatten them up a bit before the pictures and then we got to it!

We started with Kiera and Jemma and got some lovely shots initially...

But as usual, Kiera 'let off some steam' and a fight broke out.
(you might see a tear in her eye in the picture above from all the straining)

I know, I know, blow up pool and mud but there honestly wasn't time and Robin would have broken my camera...

So we moved onto Kiera and Bill for a while:

We got one and then as you can see, Bill couldn't behave himself...

... he'll fit right into this family. Don't you think?

So I tried the boys instead.

At this point I just figured it was best to give in...

Though this was a beautiful shot. I love it so much.

Needed more make up though...

Thanks Kiera.

Family shots? Well no, of course I wasn't ready. I was never going to be but they had to be done, didn't they?

Yes Bill. You as well.

We had all their pretty faces up close.

Things were going OK...

We even had one with Matt in, just in case the parents wanted to print one off but were too ashamed of Adam...

... and then Kiera and Bill started kissing...

... things got ugly and another fight broke out...

But then Kiera finished it as usual.

Not by being nails.

Oh no.

Like that.

 I decided one at a time would be better...?

Jemma reading:


Adam twiddling on the guitar:

But Kiera thought she'd try the vocals so we moved on pretty quick...

Kiera being strong:

...and demonstrating with Bill...

... and carrying off her kill...

Robin with his sword. And muscles.

What was I thinking!?


Sword fighting in the bloody house. Jeez!

How did I not see this coming!?

Did I survive the bloodshed? Stick around to find out...

P.S. Merry Bloody Christmas, Ronald Gould. x


  1. What a great bunch of photos. I love the last one of Kiera and her sister and especially the one of all of them in a line on the left of the picture. It's a really strong composition.
    The sword fight one looks good too.

  2. Thanks Rachel.

    Glad you like them. I'm lucky(?) in the sense that I know all of them quite well and so we were really able to have fun with it. They're a great family for fun as I'm sure you well know by now!