Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Maxine Avery: Evasive Beauty

Maxine Avery is a very good friend of one Rachel Nicholson
(best friends in fact. Hmph! Whatever... I don't care... *sob*).

Rachel had been talking about getting Maxine in front of the camera for a while. For some reason, I think she was pretty reluctant (Maxine, not Rachel). Must have been the horror of me potentially getting her clothes off as that seems to be what I do lately, but I'm very glad she came 'round if that's the case.

I got Rachel's house in Reading on the 20th November and she was applying Maxine's make-up. Already very uncomfortable as Maxine applies make-up for a living and so having someone else doing it was making her a tad antsy. :D

Simon and I set up the gear, and he made me a big cup of tea. Always a good start to the day. Thanks Simon... Good old Simon.

This calls for more Simon: get a load of Simon!

Yay Simon.

(The word 'Simon' is now starting to look funny... have I spelt it right? S-I-M-O-N... :s)

So meanwhile, Maxine is looking very 70's, man. And I think she's thinking it's looking pretty groovy actually. Austin Powers would approve. Yeah Baby.

So here's the start of our first set on white.

Awesome make-up from Rachel. Again.

We agreed that the eyes looked extremely 'Cheryl Cole'.
(Go ahead, try covering up the bottom half, I'll wait)

Lovely shot here in black and white too (oh yes it is).

And then we got some props in!

We stole (correct, stole) Simon’s ‘Lonely Hearts Club Band’ Beatles picture and took it out of it’s solid black frame… (NB: Apparently it's Rachel's picture. Sheesh! Sor-REE!)

I loved these. They were potentially my favourite from the shoot.

Especially that one! ^

I think this one feels a bit ‘Twiggy’ in black and white.
I can’t put my finger on what it is though.

And we also pinched Simon's retro gee-tarr metal canvas… thing which also looked ace, I thought. (NB: Again, apparently Rachel's. Who knew?)

The effect on these wasn’t achieved with any clever lighting. Just a red tone using the Variations feature in Adobe Photoshop. Bam. Job done.

I thought this gave them a cool vintage styling.

Next set, we had Maxine’s jumpsuit which looked wicked. Really pretty.

Loved this outfit.

And then finally, we went outside...

I love these so much though. She's a cutie.

So that was Maxine. Whilst stunningly gorgeous and with a figure made of win... she doesn’t seem to think that she is ‘modelling material’.

What do we think folks?


  1. She is a beautiful model. She should do more. Those are absolutely great shots of her!

  2. What an amazing face, especially with that first set of makeup!