Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Ceri & Mary: A Little Contrary

Always nice to have a little rhyme...

Anyway, Ceri Williams and Mary Luke are storming my blog again.

Following a day out to Camden with myself and Mary's significant other, Pete, these two came for a shoot on Sunday 19th January with all sorts of crazy things with them... O_o

It was just a fun day to prat around a bit and get some images together. Let's say a warm-up for when they force me to take pictures of them in Cosplay attire... *shudder*

We started with a masquerade themed set:

Love this first one.

As you may well know, I've done a Masquerade shoot before (my first shoot with Kiera Gould) and so, whilst this was fun, I wasn't too fussed about getting images for my own portfolio from this set. I have to say though. That first one is already in it. Bing.

This one of Mary is also fantastic, I think. She's got a lovely mood in it and I love it as a profile shot.

Here they are together. Aww.

And now Ceri isn't fond of this one (below, right) as she thinks she looks gormless but I really like it...

What do you folks think?

Also, this one of Mary (above, right) is pretty spot on for capturing her lovely happy disposition!

Mary just has the loveliest happy-face. :) 

... and of course, then there's Pikachu*:

 *Pikachu was a 'sorry' gift for Ceri from someone who accidentally sliced open her eye with a playing card that morning... (rather skillfully, I might add). Caused a lot of bloody Photoshopping on her eye as it fell out before the shoot... I jest...

Next, the pair had brought these RIDICULOUS Robot Unicorn fairy tutus:

I was not shooting them in these. I completely refused.

You're welcome.

But we did have a bit of fun with them all the same. Observe:

They're mad, aren't they?

 And then Ceri left for Sunday dinner whilst Mary and I got busy with some Burlesque images:

Feather fans bought lovingly by the previously mentioned Pete.

And aren't they PRETTY!

I think Mary and I will possibly be doing some more Burlesque a bit later on with some more fancy costumes.

To finish off, we got a few images of Mary in her new underbust corset.

Well that was my Sunday the 29th!

Come back shortly to see my Valentine's images from Norwich with Francesca Green!

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