Saturday, 11 February 2012

Francesca Green: Onesie Queen

I'm full of the rhymes this year, eh!?

Why is she officially the Queen of Onesie-dom? You shall see, my friends.

The story begins thus:
I went up to Norwich for the weekend from Thursday 2nd February until Monday 6th February to stay with my good friend, Fran. (Or 'Franny', as I call her. But she hates that.)

We met at her parents' house about 30 mins away from the final destination (Fran's house) and I had a nice hot chocolate after my 3 hr + drive up there. Surrounded by 1.6m cats and Kafka, the dog. Who isn't the typical size for a lap-dog, I'd like to add, but I think perhaps nobody has told him that.

We then went to Franny's lovely flat in Norwich which was actually the first visit for me and it was great. Fran works really bloody hard so it was nice to see that she was doing so well for herself. She's got a lovely big flat, a f... reaking amazing car and to top it off she was looking stunning as ever.

We had a great weekend...

Thursday evening: Catching up

Friday: Shopping (Found some awesome stuff and I bought a wicked belt).

Saturday: We spent ALL day in our pyjamas indulging ourselves with chocolate and wine/Baileys and watching Season 3 of Desperate Housewives (Yes. I'm afraid I love it an embarrassing amount).

Sunday: Shoot. And more Desperate Housewives. And probably more chocolate.

Monday: A couple more episodes (to finish the series) and then home in the snow!

So, now that I've confessed to my own new(ish)-found guilty pleasure (DH), let me show you Fran's in a rather round about way...

We'll build suspense by showing you the shoot in order...
(though there's nothing really scrolling to the end if you just really want to see it now.)

We started off the shoot with Fran in a turquoise corset top against the 'feature wall' in her living room:


And then I managed to convince Fran to wear her hair up and pin back her fringe. :o

Rather nice, don't we think? A bit Geisha-like.

Next, we roughed up the hair a bit and took advantage of the freaking awesome red leather sofa:

Saucy minx!

That red sofa makes another appearance again in my favourite image in this shoot.

I call this the 'Valentine's' image.

I love it for three reasons:
- I bought Fran this 'outfit'
- The lighting on these roses is just awesome
- Fran looks fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!

... and as we've gotten all saucy, I curled Fran's lovely hair and we had some more sexy images with a more retro feel.

Well, y'know... retro with tattoos...

Love these...

Lovely 60's(?) Headshot:

and then some images of  'that red dress', possibly familiar from Franny's last stay with me in Basingstoke.

And now... the moment you've all been waiting for...

Fran in her leopard-print onesie. Enjoy.

Yes folks, there it is.

Much better when paired with her leopard impression:

... Well... it's on the internet now, Fran. Too late to regret it. ;)

... Looooove yoooou.... :D

Hope you enjoyed folks! Stay tuned for images from London Fashion Weekend!

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