Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Pure Curvation Shoot II: Yvonne Gumbere

On the 1st April, I went back for the 2nd Pure Curvation shoot of the year.

Today I was shooting Yvonne Gumbere, a reasonably new recruit at Pure Curvation. I picked Yvonne and Charmaine Charuma up from their homes and made my way to Pete Baldrey's for the shoot.

Now Yvonne is quite something. She was obviously a talented model from the first time that Pete worked with her a short while back and she didn't fall short on our shoot either.

Just a portfolio update but I have to say, the girl is fantastic.

Beautiful eyes, stunning figure and legs up to here...

She's just got it.

We just did the two outfits, the above, which you've seen, and then, Yvonne had this gorgeous dress.

 Towards the end of our reasonably short session, Yvonne also broke out the moves!

This left one being my favourite.

The photoshopping effect on the skin (left image) is pretty neat, I've found. It is done using a black and white adjustment layer and then a duplicate of the original layer on the top using the overlay blending technique. I find personally that it's a great effect on black skin (as it gives it a shiny, semi-metallic feel... on white skin, it just looks crap XD ) and on men (mainly when they have stubble) as it gives a kind of dirty, rough feel to their images.

So they were my picks from the shoot.

I would most definitely recommend Yvonne as a model. We had a very short time together and there were loads of fantastic choices from this shoot. She's very open, excitable, determined and also very talented (which helps). If you're looking for someone to liven up your image, Yvonne is your girl.

Yvonne can be booked at Pure Curvation. Just email to enquire!


  1. You summed up Yvonne so well. Great images.

  2. Love the additional comments on the photoshopping work. The last two images are great!