Thursday, 10 May 2012

Self Portraits: A Bit of 'Me-Time'

Right... truth is... I haven't been able to get my creative on for a couple of weeks and it's made me hungry for image creation. Big time.

So, I got a new lens for my birthday (thank you to all who emailed and messaged to wish me happy birthday. If you want to give me a 'free' gift, please recommend me to your friends, share my blog or share my Facebook page as that would be most ace of you.). Martin kindly bought me a 50mm f1.4 Canon lens. Yum yum. Unfortunately, due to various reasons, I had no-one to test it on! D':

So, needing to get a self-portrait done at some point (whilst they're lovely, I feel a little pretentious using old modelling shots as my portrait images), I volunteered myself late one evening. \o/

Here's how it went!

I got the camera, complete with new lens set up on my new tripod (another birthday gift, thanks Adam), set the aperture to f/1.4 (because I can :D ) focussed roughly where I thought I would be and set my camera on a timer.

That didn't work.

with such a shallow depth of field, of course I wasn't going to end up in the correct place. even despite the 20th or so attempts... O_o

So instead, I kept the same settings and then pushed the button manually.

Naturally I looked away at the last minute because I'm just so very shy. ;)

So that one was under a tungsten bulb and with the tungsten white balance setting giving it that lovely cold/blue look. Which I like. Makes me look a bit elfy.

And then next I popped up one of my lights for a bit of a sharp shadow/lighting effect.

And got this....

... with the shallowest depth of field EVER (n.b. not an actual fact)!
Well there they are then. Took a lot of trial and error to get just these two. Didn't really like the rest. Too blurry, not well-framed, wrong angle of nose, too much cowbell, etc.

Will refrain from talking a lot about myself now and leave...

... resisting.... usual... egotistical... comments... erk...

... struggling... with... self...

But I am pretty fabulous though.


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