Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Crap! Zombies!

A rather nice chap, by the name of Oscar Clark arranged a big zombie shoot for a presentation he was giving to gaming developers on behalf of his company, Papaya Mobile (for social mobile gaming).
So by the time I had arrived, the zombies, for the most part, were already painted up and hungry for brains...

My favourite was Tracy... 'cause she just looked wicked.
How rotten!

So here are some other images from that day! Enjoy:

Rock Zombies (can be sung to 'Rock Lobster')
Oscar getting eaten.
Great face XD
Rule #31 (in Zombieland)
Check the Back Seat
... Which Oscar clearly didn't.
You'd think he was done for, eh?
Oh good. They all fell down.
That was lucky, wasn't it, Oscar?
To be honest, if I'm going to be caught unawares... it will be most likely due to stopping for a nice cup of tea:
... so I can't really criticise this one...
Uh-oh! Tracy has also spotted the tea.
Well... I suppose it's time for some Zombie portraits, huh?
... and finish off with a lovely Zombie beauty shot...
Lovely Tracy...
Now then, a little food colouring, a big tub of spaghetti hoops (d'you like spaghe'i 'oops, Nabu?) and a whole load of intestine shaped sweets can get you far when pretending to be eaten by zombies... bit messy though... yuk...

Let the feast begin...


You can see the actual finished presentation itself here:
... and there will eventually be another one to follow on:
"Finding Love (marketing) in the Zombie Apocalypse"...
Eyeball, anyone?

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