Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Anya Adorable: The Alternative Rocker

I met Anya on the ever-popular model networking site, Model Mayhem.

I was browsing one evening through models in the area and I came across Anya's portfolio which was completely void of professional modelling shots due to her being so new to the wonderfully painful world of modelling. The portfolio instead contained several snapshots of Anya with different hair. Despite that, I could not believe that she hadn't been snapped up yet with this face:

Still being at the (not so) tender age of 16, I was still keen to work with Anya and get her 'up and running' with some portfolio shots that really show off this face. I was also concerned that with some of the 'types' on Model Mayhem that tend to pray on newbies, there was a large chance that Anya was going to get approached by a GWC (common in modelling world, 'Guy With Camera') and end up with some terribly low quality photos in her portfolio.

Well, I didn't want some GWC taking that opportunity away from me. XD

So we set a date for Sunday 11th March and I headed to her place (as it's only 'round the corner) which apparently contained a very big dog, though I didn't see it so for all I know, it was a very loud recording of a big dog, and met with her mum, Julie, to discuss what we were going to be doing that day.

We went to three locations, starting with the abbey ruins in Basingstoke:

Started out with a simple headshot...

I was trying a bit of heavy sun in the image above but not sure if I like it...
Had to give it a go as I'm trying to experiment a bit more with different lighting.
(As you can see on my targets and aims page here if you're interested)

I think that these next two are my favourites though:

I love Anya's expression in this ^


Next, we headed over to KFC, had some lunch, and then we headed off to the most exciting location of the three. Raven's Nightclub.

And by jove, I was excited.

It looked like something out of Supernatural:

I realised that, due to my love of run-down buildings and reckless location choice, I was going to make Anya and I the first 5 minutes of a Supernatural episode. Sam and Dean were going to come and investigate our disappearance/death very soon. (All the way from the US. Yes, I know. Fine it wouldn't happen. Whatever. Fact is, it was creepy as hell).

Seriously, look at this place.

I was literally thinking, 'hey, screw Anya, (sorry Anya), this place is amazing. I might just stay here all day!'

I'm definitely coming back here with Amphlett, anyway.

So, as Anya was getting increasingly concerned about my mental state, I thought I had better get her in some of the photos. :)

I didn't take her inside a lot of the building because it was very unsafe and the roof had caved in, in some parts.

... but we did go in where the roof had already caved in or been burned away.

I'll stay brief but feel free to skip this paragraph if you're easily bored:
The history of the building is ongoing. It was built in the 16th century and was a coach house, notorious for highwaymen and smugglers. That was when it was 'The Seven Thorns'. Later, it changed hands and was renamed 'The Spaniard', again, a good place to get your hands on some dodgy stolen gear. Even later on, it became Raven's Nightclub (still seen painted on the North wall of the building) but unfortunately for the owners, was set on fire in 1980 and was too costly to rennovate. They have since applied for planning permission to turn it into flats, etc but have had their applications repeatedly rejected and so now it stands alone and abandoned on the A3 near Hindhead, ready for my inevitable return...

So back to Anya.

This was inside the southmost part of the building where the roof had already caved in. Thus, no danger of losing my model to brick cake and having to go and explain to her mum why I returned without her.

This was my favourite image from this site, I think:

The roof has caved in here (note in the background) and the flare from the sun was fantastic (I think, anyroad). That's meeting point 4 a little better, I think.

So that was location two.

And for set 3, we paid a visit to the ever popular haunt, Waverley Abbey, in Farnham.

This was my favourite from the set. ^

Oddly, when we first got there, there were a few people about, but this particular bit of the abbey was empty. Normally this is the part of the ruins you struggle to occupy alone.

^ More headshots >

As it got dark, we also got this little gem of a picture. Anya lit up with Amphlett's trusty flashgun and the Abbey looking nice and eerie.:

Another favourite from the ol' abbey:

And there we have it. That was my first shoot with Anya Adorable!

A bit of a chance to develop my location work as I find it a bit hit-and-miss with regards to whether or not I like the results.

... and a bit of a chance for Anya to get herself started with her modelling career. I am pleased to say she is a complete natural, takes direction very well and, as I have said, has a great face.

I happen to know she has a lot of interest from other photographers already so keep your eyes out for more from her. We're also going to be doing some studio work very soon.

Can't wait to see more from Anya!


  1. Love the second to last one Chloe! And the one with the graffiti really suits Anya. I'm looking forward to our adventure to this place!

  2. These look so bloody awesome! You're right, beautiful model, her make-up looks fab and i LOVE the one with the sun flare in the caved in building! x

  3. Keep it flowing! Anya looks interesting!

  4. Fantastic stuff madam.
    Anya is indeed adorable, What a pixie! :D

  5. is the same Anya from banned Ls Studios? (old model child agency in Ukraine)...seems