Monday, 19 March 2012

Pure Curvation Shoot: Charmaine Charuma

I pulled up to Pete Baldrey's house on Sunday 18th March and unloaded my studio gear. We were shooting some of the Pure Curvation girls today. Pete was working with Natasha Teixeira who has returned from extended leave and needed some fresh portfolio images and I was test shooting Charmaine Charuma, the new girl.

Pete set up the backdrop and I set up the lights whilst waiting for the girls. Pete then went to collect Charmaine from the train station making us ready to shoot for about 11am.

Charmaine and I went for something a little soft and feminine initially and I went for four of the lights as we had the option today. The two D-Lite 4's at the front and the two D-Lite 2's whiting out the backdrop on almost full throttle.

Charmaine actually came to us via another of the PC girls, Yvonne Gumbere and we're very pleased she did. Charmaine was a total natural.

Next we untied Charmaine's plait, separated them for more of a dreadlock effect and went for a baggy shirt and leggings.

Interestingly, Charmaine and Yvonne actually have the exact same pair of leggings. XD

This next outfit was my favourite. I love turquoise for a start but get a load of this...

We were just wrapping up from this one when Charmaine put these glasses on and we just had to get some pictures!

This is by far my favourite from the shoot!

A bit Nicki Minaj? Wouldn't you say?

Finally we went for shorts and vest for a more hip hop feel.

Sexy, right?

This delightful new addition to the Pure Curvation team can be booked already via their website or by emailing

Well quick! Go on!


  1. Lovely images Chloe x

    B Bull

  2. thats a brilliant blog.. comparing me to Nicki thats awesome .. thumbs up chloe