Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Ally Phelan: The Field Shoot

I'd wanted to do this one shoot for a really long time. I wanted to find a wheat field and take a fair haired model there for a shoot at around sundown. I didn't feel I could get this image with the 350D and so I waited a rather long time, until I got the 7D in fact, to give this one a try.

About 6 months ago, I think, I contacted Ally Phelan (model at Pure Curvation) about using her for this idea. She, quite nicely, waited and on the 27th February, we met up for a coffee in Caffe Nero to chat about the event...

... we talked about the hair and the wardrobe and got to know each other a little better and I knew she was the one for the job.

 On the 6th July, I managed to convince my partner to come for a walk around the field to 'scout it out' and see whether the crop was high enough (which it was) and where the sun was at what time and then on the sunny (with showers) 7th July we finally did the shoot!

I picked up Ally at 5:30pm from her house on the way past and we drove to Hawley in Farnborough for make-up. The make-up was beautifully applied by Rachel Nicholson and then we took off to Basingstoke to our designated crop field where we got busy.

We only stayed for about half an hour and got the shot I was after pretty quickly. We wrapped up at about half 8 and went to grab a McDonalds (where Ally tried to convince me that the Spicy Deli Sandwich was the best choice on the menu... I think not).

This shot was my favourite from the shoot. I'm really pleased with it and I felt it was worth the wait.

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