Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Jo Wood: Inside and Out!

For my shoot with Jo Wood (Pure Curvation models) I met with her at 10am in Cranleigh and we had a quick cup of tea and then went straight out to find the gardens where we got our 'Alice' pictures as I like to call them. Reason being, Jo had a beautiful blue dress (with little white rabbits on) and of course, those big blue eyes.

I'll show you.

This one was taken in a sculpture garden in Ockley which we poked around and found to be incredibly interesting!

Then, on the way back, we found a beautiful hydrangea bush that matched Jo's dress perfectly and so we made an emergency stop and got the following image. Pleasantly lit by the lovely Mr. Sun.

Next we found a gorgeous iron wheel. So, naturally, Jo changed in the car and promptly started climbing on it! (Can't take her anywhere). Meaning we got this one:

And then there were also some pretty pillars. So she started draping herself all over them too ;) Giving us this rather lovely headshot:

It got to about 1pm (I think) and we got back to Pete Baldrey's to do a bit of work in the studios. We started on black and Jo brought a stunning vintage golden jumpsuit, which it turned out, was rather tight around the bum! The colours were lovely and played out rather lovely against the black.

By this point we were joined by Nickilee Hallett (another Pure Curvation model!) who was also shooting that day (their shoot details can be seen on Pete's blog here)! We had a giggle and then we tried a little something else on the black!  We decided to get a little bit cheeky and colourful and I think it's safe to say, that even with more colours, nothing stands out quite as much as those icy blue iris'!

And finally, our last look was actually a first for Jo. We decided to get a little bit rocky with a band t-shirt which shall remain anonymous (;)) and some skinny jeans. The make up was a bit darker and we had a small zigzag design pencilled onto her undercut making her look much punkier!:

I loved working with Jo and definitely hope to again! I think we got some awesome looks on this day and I think she enjoyed it too! ;D


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