Saturday, 23 July 2011

Gabriella Howson: 'Derelicte Chic'

So, Sunday 3rd July, I have a plan for my first photoshoot with the new camera but "oh no!" The model can't make it!

I posted on Facebook asking if anyone was around and rather unexpectedly, a wonderful young woman by the name of Gabriella Howson mentioned that she was available if I was interested.

Now, I think it's important to note at this point, I have always thought that Gabby was one of the most beautiful women I knew. Especially for a fellow geek. :D So of course I went back and said I would love to shoot her. And the show went on!

In the morning, I was modelling for Wayne KC (Noir Photography) and Rachel Nicholson (make-up artist) for a bit of portfolio-building work. However it was the afternoon I was excited about!

At 2pm Gabby (and her brother, Dom) met Rachel, Wayne and I in a nearby pub where we chatted about 'the plan' as if there was one! :D

We headed to a derelict looking area in Basingstoke and Rachel got started on the make-up whilst we set up and chatted about the fact we forgot to get any lunch, make-up on men, and how Gabby actually looked remarkably like actress, Lena Headey.

Spot the difference!

Back to the shoot. Now, Rachel, luckily not too exhausted (and starved) by this point did a lovely job of the make-up, as you can see here:

...and I finally got shooting. With my new camera. Squee!

The rather leggy 6ft Gabby, wasn't technically a model but god-damn... she could have fooled me. What a face!

We got a few images that I'm really chuffed with and overall, I'd say the model, the makeup, the ♥CAMERA♥ and overall the whole day was a huge hit.

Gabby took to modelling like a duck to water. Didn't feel the slightest bit awkward (I don't think... ) and just went with it. And it showed!

Even Wayne got into the spirit and after complaining about not having any makeup on all day (oh yes you did), Rachel gave in and gave him a seeing to with her makeup brushes! Ha ha. :D

As for Dom... well... see for yourself...

... oh dear.

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