Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Pure Curvation Day

On Sunday 24th June, an event was going on in little Cranleigh. OK, not that little. (It's the biggest village in the UK, don't you know?). Pure Curvation (model agency) were having what I guess you'd call a 'fun day'.

There was a make-up artist (Rachel Nicholson again!), make-up assistant, Sammy Ford ;) a handful of photographers (myself, Pete Baldrey and Wayne KC) and a few of the girls from Pure Curvation flitting in and out throughout the day.

Activities included shooting, BBQ, ClickMore Pizza (if you've had it, you'll know), a bit of editing and generally nattering and having a giggle!

The Pure Curvation models who turned up were Jo Wood, Rehea Watson, Nickilee Hallett and the soon-to-be-PC, Marlyn Woodend! We also had a couple of extras who popped along to say hi and talk about potential modelling opportunities. All 'round, a pretty good day!

Pete did a little bit of shooting with Jo and a bit with Marlyn and I, myself some relaxed shooting with Marlyn and Rehea. Wayne got a couple of cheeky images of Rehea aswell having a little experimentation session (and a few arguments) with the studio equipment as generally, he prefers to work on location.

Meeting Marlyn face-to-face for the first time was an absolute pleasure. She was a wonderful girl to work with. Such a natural and I loved the makeup from Rachel for our little shoot.

And Rehea was beautiful (as usual... cow) and even in such a long flowing plain coloured dress, you could still see that she's got it. All she's got to do is get those big sexy lips in front of the lens and BAM! Stunned! The girl is oustanding. Fact.

She didn't even technically need the makeup but as you can see, you can't deny, it's pretty lovely. Good choice of colours again from our Rachel! (Thanks Rachel!)

I'm hoping there'll be another one of these events because, even though I didn't get that many images, it's alway wonderful to meet up with the Pure Curvation team and their girls.

They're always so sweet (or pleasantly abrupt in Nickilee's, case ;) ) and I still managed to chat to a few of the girls about arranging other shoots and discussing the potential to work with a few of my clients towards the end of this year and next year.

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