Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Early Shoots

My early shoots were with some truly fantastic people. I've worked with some friends (or victims as I like to call them), some models, some actors, and even done a little product photography for websites.

Whilst portfolio building, I worked with:

(Note: a fun game - Spot the Goulds!)

Jemma Gould (early victim)

Adam Gould (early victim)

Kiera Gould (stuntwoman and model)

Chanade Keisha Patrick (fashion model)

Stu (fitness model)

Paul (another victim)

Chloe Taylor-Green (fashion model)

Chris Courtenay (actor)

Ceri Williams (victim)

Kiera Gould (stunt performer) and Robin Gould (fight choreographer)

... and every one of them have just been absolutely fantastic (and patient!) whilst I was teaching myself the art of photography.

They all chipped in their time and effort for me all in exchange for my measly photos (and occasionally a McDonalds :D ).

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